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Apples and Jam
Apple Gift Boxes

Customer relations are more important now than ever! But few business associates, whether clients, customers or employees, covet another desk calendar adorned with a company logo. But a gift that is both tasteful and tasty - like our Apple Gift Boxes - often fills the bill. A token of corporate friendship that your customers, clients and employees will share, rather than hide in the closet. We'll work with you to custom package Apple Gift Boxes using many of our own products. Or we'll add an attractive combination of well-known locally produced gourmet products. Call us for all your apple needs… 519-599-7775.

A selection of choice apples
Apple Office Boxes

Fresh, crip and juicy - year round. Employee incentives and recognition show your staff how special they are. Recognize your employees with an Office Box of apples on a regular basis or from time-to-time. It's a great way to say, "Thanks for a job well done". Choose a delicious, healthy snack for all your employees in any size of office. As with our Gift Boxes, the apples in our Office Box are hand selected for the highest quality and packed in apple trays. What's more, we'll deliver to your office at any interval you like - weekly, bi-weekly etc., depending on the number of employees in your office, warehouse, factory or shop. Call us for all your apple needs… 519-599-7775.