Apples contain fibre, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-2 and prevent cancer, promote weight loss, all while being delicious!

FINCH HAVEN ORCHARDS is a down-sized apple orchard that was once part of a much larger orchard operation nestled in the Beaver Valley, in the heart of the Town of the Blue Mountains just west of Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. A healthy, productive, and sustainable environment is very important to us. Our goal is to ensure a sustainable property for generations to come. With this as our goal, we’ve gone out of our way to protect the air, land and water on our farm.

Using apples from our own orchard and other fruit and vegetables both grown on the farm and locally, we’ve developed a line of healthy products the whole family can enjoy – jams, jellies and preserves.

About Us

Initially we lived in what is now Mississauga when it was still considered country. But that changed quickly and way back in the ‘80s we went looking for country property where is seemed the city would never catch up to us. We were immediately drawn to the beautiful scenery and the natural environment of the Blue Mountains and decided that this is where we would like to be - room to grow flowers and vegetables and enjoy the outdoors. We settled on a beautiful piece of farmland on the tenth line just a few kilometres from the ski hills.

In the 90's we created our first block of apple trees. Eventually - over 10 years - we planted upwards of 12,000 trees. After an additional 10 years of successful apple production, we are now downsizing our orchard to meet our own needs - those required for our own line jams and jellies - an enterprise which continues to grow.

Our jams and jellies can be found in the Ravenna General Store, Top O'the Rock and other quality locations in and around the Blue Mountains - please see Products for a list of suppliers.

News and Events

We’re now distributing Big Grill Catering’s BBQ Sauces and Hot Sauces. Big Grill Catering was developed in the fall of 2004 by Kevin and Naomi Finch. Based on the 100 mile diet and the local eating movement, Big Grill Catering has evolved into the go-to caterer for BBQ. Check them out at biggrillcatering.com.